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The Legacy of sun-man continues.
We are happy to announce the partnership licensing agreement between Mattel, Olmec Toys, and YlaSun. Under this agreement, Mattel is granted the rights to produce Sun-Man from The Rulers of the Sun collection. Olmec Toys and YlaSun retain all rights to the property. We are thrilled to be able to reintroduce Sun-Man for the first time since 1985 and unite the worlds of Rulers of the Sun and Masters of the Universe.
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About Sun-Man

Sun-Man Advertisement 1985

Origin of the Sun-Man Legend and Toy

Sun-Man was created by Yla Eason, a mother driven to provide a positive image for her son. So, in 1985, she created Sun Man, a Black American Superhero character for her son and other children like him. Eason saw the need for more relevant Black toys for the underserved Black children at play market.
Yla Eason, came up with the concept of Sun-Man after her son, Menelik Puryear, at age three, said he could not be a superhero because he was not white. Because Yla wanted to directly attack the issue of her son’s skin color as being the ‘limiting’ factor in his perception, she researched and discovered that melanin is what makes skin dark. Therefore, she decided to make that a positive characteristic and have all of Sun-Man’s powers come from his skin. She gave him the name Sun-Man to reflect that the sun has energy and exposure to it can darken your skin.
While researching the influence toys have on children’s perception of themselves and the meaning of toys in early childhood development Yla met with Dr. Kenneth Clark, who with his wife, Mamie, was famous for conducting the Black doll study that led to the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision to desegregate public schools.  In that study, dolls were used to reveal that segregation caused African American children to have "a feeling of inferiority as to their status in the community. [1]" Dr. Clark helped Yla understand the psychological importance of positive representation in toys and their ability to convey significance in societal roles. He supported her belief that Black boys needed Black superhero toys to see themselves as powerful. He added that his doll study showed that a feeling of inferiority “affects the motivation of a child to learn.
Eason made sure that Sun-Man’s super-heroism was grounded in sound character, Black representation, real inclusion, and physical and emotional strength that not only fulfilled a deficit of Black toys for play, but also a toy that reflects the possibilities of greatness for Black children.
In short, Eason’s story is an essential part of the emotional narrative and nostalgic appeal to consumers.  Moreover, Sun-Man is not just a Black version of a White toy. It was sculpted to reflect hair with an Afro style, skin tone, facial features, design, accessories, and comic book storyline representing a character of Royal African ancestry. It has a legacy of empowerment and makes a statement of historical significance, especially to the Black community and to society in general.


Creating a More Inclusive World

May 20, 2023

Black representation in the toy industry is about more than just selling toys. It's about creating a more inclusive world where all children feel seen and valued. By including more black characters in the toys that children play with, we can help to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of black culture. This can help to create a more inclusive society where all children feel valued and respected.

The Importance of Black Representation in the Toy Industry

April 30, 2023

The toy industry has been criticized for its lack of diversity and representation for years. Toys have been predominantly geared towards white children, with few options for children of color. This lack of representation can have a significant impact on a child's self-esteem and sense of identity.

Yla Eason, creator of Sun-Man and Owner of Olmec Toys

January 30, 2023

Ms. Eason is an award-winning educator and entrepreneur who is largely credited with pioneering the ethnic toy market at mass market stores. As an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at Rutgers University, her focus is Business Communications, Multicultural Marketing, and Digital Marketing. Over 40 years ago a comment by her 3-year-old son and the love she had for him, changed the trajectory of her life and the lives of many children of color across the globe.



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For inquiries about Olmec Toys products, please contact Yla Eason. YlaSun, Inc. is the exclusive licensing agent for Olmec Toys and its products.